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                  Gallery Updates: Public Appearances 2008

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been very busy and in the next months I will be going on vacation so also this months I am not able to update frequently.

For now I have added Public Appearances photos of Lauren from 2008. I added photos of events in May, June, July and August.

055~9.jpg 002~254.jpg 018~74.jpg 032~30.jpg007~179.jpg

Public Appearances > 2008 > Maxim’s Hot 100 Party – May 21, 2008
Public Appearances > 2008 > MTV Movie Awards 2008 – June 1, 2008
Public Appearances > 2008 > Grand Opening Of Strike OC – June 5, 2008
Public Appearances > 2008 > A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival – June 8, 2008



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                  Lauren Conrad Launches LC Lauren Conrad Spring Collection In NYC

Lauren Conrad launched her Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad Spring Collection in New York City on April 11, 2019.

Lauren went bright and summery in a denim jacket over a yellow, striped dress as she promoted her new line.

006~191.jpg 005~209.jpg 003~239.jpg 008~151.jpg 014~81.jpg

Public Appearances > 2019 > Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad Spring Collection Launch – April 11, 2019



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                  LC Lauren Conrad April Collection

If you’re ready to put winter behind you once and for all and fully embrace warm weather, I totally understand. While California winters are on the milder side, by the time April rolls around, I’m pretty excited to break out my spring wardrobe. That means eyelet fabrics, lightweight tees, and bright whites. This month, I channeled that into a collection featuring lots of easy basics, like ruffled blouses and button-down shirts, but added a little twist to keep things interesting. After all, we’ve waited months to be able to wear these clothes, so why stick to the predictable? Keep scrolling to see a few special pieces I’ll be debuting this month, and stay tuned for more at Kohl’s in the coming weeks…


001~246.jpg 002~247.jpg 003~238.jpg 004~223.jpg 005~208.jpg

Photoshoots > 2019 > LC Lauren Conrad April 2019



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                  Gallery Updates: Public Appearances 2008

Hi! I have updated our gallery with Public Appearances photos of Lauren from 2008. I have so many so I will do it in sections. Today I added photos of events in January, February, March and April 2008.

009~133.jpg 007~172.jpg 020~57.jpg 063~3.jpg 010~124.jpg

Public Appearances > 2008 > Kari Feinstein Winter Style Lounge – January 10, 2008
Public Appearances > 2008 > Cloverfield Premiere – January 16, 2008
Public Appearances > 2008 > Hawaiian Tropic Zone Las Vegas Grand Opening – January 26, 2008
Public Appearances > 2008 > Lauren Conrad Exclusive Fashion Week After Party – March 11, 2008



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                  Lauren Conrad Announces She’s Expecting Her Second Child

Lauren Conrad is pregnant with her and her husband William Tell’s second child, Lauren just announced on Instagram. “It’s been hard to keep this one to myself!” she wrote in a photo of herself and her baby bump. “Very excited to share that our family will be getting a little bigger this year.”

Congratulations Lauren, William and Liam!



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                  Lauren Conrad Launching Podcast: Asking for a Friend

Lauren Conrad is launching a weekly Podcast that aims to help listeners ‘Simplify Their Lives’/
The weekly podcast will feature “a candid conversation with somebody who specializes in a certain area, from hair and makeup to organization and interior decorating”.

We are pretty excited about this!

I’m pretty excited that I finally get to share this news with all of you… I am launching my very own podcast with Cadence13! It’s a weekly series called Lauren Conrad: Asking for a Friend and season one starts on May 8, 2019 on Apple Podcasts or wherever podcasts are available.

I wanted to start this podcast because I believe in seeking out and sharing great advice for all aspects of life—style, beauty, parenting, relationships, entertaining, wellness and more. Over the years, many of the most creative and innovative experts in these areas have not only helped me, they’ve become friends, and I can’t wait for them to join me on the podcast so that we can share their amazing tips, tricks, and ideas.

Take a listen to the trailer and subscribe so that you’ll know the moment the first episode comes out!

Every episode of Lauren Conrad: Asking For a Friend is an invitation to join this conversation. When I say I’m “Asking for a Friend,” I am quite literally asking for the best advice and tips to empower, inspire, and help my friends—the listeners—find balance and live their best lives.

Click here to subscribe, and let me know what topics you’d like me to cover in the comments!

XO Lauren




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                  Gallery Updates: The Hills Photoshoots

Hi guys! I have added Photoshoots of Lauren from The Hills all seasons to our gallery. That was the last part of the Photoshoot section I had to add. So I will now continue with the Public Appearances section.

105.jpg 001~235.jpg 099~0.jpg 078~1.jpg 001~238.jpg

Photoshoots > The Hills > Season 01
Photoshoots > The Hills > Season 02
Photoshoots > The Hills > Season 03
Photoshoots > The Hills > Season 04
Photoshoots > The Hills > Season 05



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                  Lauren Conrad’s Lemonade-Inspired Spring Collection

When life gives you lemons, make cute outfits! Start with Lauren Conrad’s new lemonade-inspired collection, featuring fresh-picked prints, playful patterns and sweet details. Find LC Lauren Conrad dresses, tops, jeans, bags, shoes and more in Kohl’s stores and on




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                  LC Lauren Conrad March Collection

With the weather warming up and longer days just around the corner, I feel like it’s time to show you a sneak peek of one of my favorite LC Lauren Conrad collections so far. There’s just something about the vibrant spring colors and fresh tone of the outfits that makes me smile (the pretty flowers from this shoot don’t hurt either!). I know these are pieces I’ll be reaching for when the sky is overcast or I need a little pick me up, and I hope they find the same special place in your wardrobe. More looks will be cropping up in Kohl’s stores this month, but in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite outfits (how cute is this black sundress? )


001~233.jpg 002~233.jpg 003~224.jpg 004~209.jpg 005~194.jpg

Photoshoots > 2019 > LC Lauren Conrad March 2019



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