LC Lauren Conrad October/November 2022 Collection

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t been updating lately. I was on vacation and life was just busy! I have added photos of Lauren’s LC Lauren Conrad Collection of October and November to the gallery. Enjoy!

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LC Lauren Conrad Collection September 2022

There is just something so magical about the start of fall! The quintessential fall spices, coziness, and the crisp air just gets me every time. For this LC Lauren Conrad September Collection, I wanted to embody all this excitement. A lot of the garments have beautifully soft silhouettes with a gorgeous array of muted pastels and warm neutrals. Of course, I also added in fall staples like tall boots and chunky sweaters. Plus, look out for some more playful pieces with dark floral motifs that are the perfect transitional summer-to-fall outfit. Keep reading to get a peek into the collection…


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Photoshoots > 2022 > LC Lauren Conrad September 2022

LC Lauren Conrad Collection August 2022

August is here, and so is my new LC Lauren Conrad Collection! It’s hard to believe that summer is already wrapping up… However, the weather is still pretty lovely, so for this collection I wanted to focus on light and airy designs that can be layered when the weather changes. This line is filled with romantic silhouettes that were inspired by the softness of balmy summer days.


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Lauren Conrad On So Mini Ways, Yahoo Life’s Parenting Series

The Hills captured a 20-something Lauren Conrad at a crossroads in terms of her career and personal relationships. More than a decade later, the former MTV star has found her footing as a married mom of two, fashion designer, author and all-around lifestyle influencer. And while Conrad has left the drama of reality TV behind, there’s no shortage of wild moments for the Laguna Beach vet, thanks to the sons she shares with husband William Tell.

“The biggest challenge of having two little boys is that things get wild in my house, which I’m learning to adjust to,” Conrad, mom to Liam, 5, and Charlie, 2 1/2, tells Yahoo Life’s So Mini Ways. “I already knew that I couldn’t really own nice things because everything gets destroyed in my home, but it’s fine; I was, like, ready for that. But yeah, things are getting really wild. It’s still fun and playful, but they’re doing laps around my house, they’re trying to ride bikes in there.”

Conrad has learned to roll with the punches. She credits motherhood — and the chaos that can come with it — for helping her be “a little more relaxed about things.”

“I think I’ve learned to kind of let go and — not go with the flow, because I’m not that chill — just be a little more laidback and understand you can’t plan everything,” she says. “Like, you kind of have to figure things out as you go.”

One thing Conrad doesn’t really sweat is meal time. The designer counts herself lucky that her boys enjoy fruits and vegetables and aren’t overly picky; “I never had to force them into eating vegetables,” she says. But it also helps to draw on a fellow mom’s advice that “as long as you can get one really solid, healthy meal into them during the day, you don’t have to stress about the other meals.” For Conrad, that’s meant making her sons breakfast smoothies that are loaded with vegetables. And because her household is dairy-free, she swaps out oat milk.

“I’ve always just used it as an alternative to regular milk,” says Conrad, who has contributed a series of recipes in partnership with Planet Oat Oatmilk and its Taste Exploration Summer Sampling Tour. “When I’m baking, I always use it. My kids drink it from the glass.”

While the former Teen Vogue intern’s latest pieces from her long-running LC Lauren Conrad womenswear collection for Kohl’s include smart citrus-print short suits and ruffled sundresses, she says a combination of mom life and working from home has made her own day-to-day style more “casual” lately. “I’m not wearing a lot of dry-clean-only pieces,” she says.

While she’s no longer sharing her life on the small screen, Conrad enjoys connecting with others on social media. She’s careful to find a balance when it comes to posting about her sons, but notes, “your kids become your life and that’s my life, so I do want to share tidbits of it.”

The only crying she does these days comes courtesy of her boys — in a good way. Conrad recalls tearing up after recently overhearing Liam console his younger brother.

“He was just being so sweet and that got me,” the proud mom says. “Their love is so special.”

As she savors the experience of raising her sons, Conrad leans on other mom friends for support and advice. She credits that network for helping her feel more confident as a parent and more forgiving of herself if things aren’t going smoothly.

“I feel like moms are really hard on themselves,” she says. “Just the fact that you’re worrying shows that you care. So I think like, just do your best.”


LC Lauren Conrad Collection July 2022

Hello July, or as I like to call it, my favorite month for quintessential summer styles. While I love an eye-catching print, my heart lies with a neutral piece that I can wear and re-wear as the seasons go by. I love a color palette of soft and muted colors, much like the location of my latest photoshoot for this month in Lake Arrowhead, which had the most gorgeous view of California mountains and endless scenic hikes. My new LC Lauren Conrad July collection is inspired by that same softer color palette and the beauty of California’s landscapes. In this collection, you’ll find calming and relaxed styles that are great for workwear, dinner parties, everyday outfits, and even weekend trips. I love multi-purposes pieces as much as you do, so if you’d like a look at my latest collection, keep scrolling…


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LC Lauren Conrad Collection June 2002

Ah, summer. It’s my chance to break out all of my vacation-inspired outfits, lounge at the beach, and spend all my days out in the sunshine. If you’re looking for summer-inspired clothing, it’s a good thing my new LC Lauren Conrad collection is available now. With a mix of bold prints and loose, flowing pieces, this collection {shot on Catalina Island, off the California coast} is all about relaxation and fun. Keep reading for a look at my new bold and bright collection…


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LC Lauren Conrad Collection May 2022

Whew, this collection. While I love every collection I create, this one feels truly special. We’re heading into summer, so I wanted to create a collection with an out-of-office, resort look—as you can see from the absolutely charming photoshoot I had on Catalina Island, off the coast of California. My new LC Lauren Conrad collection is essentially your new coastal vacation wardrobe. Off-the-shoulder tops, eyelet lace dresses, and eye-catching gingham prints—this collection is my go-to for the upcoming summers months and I can’t wait to wear these pieces on long weekends away. Want more looks from my collection and Catalina Island?


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