The calendar has officially flipped over to September, and you know what that means for our wardrobes: Out with the old and in with the new. The options out there can definitely be overwhelming, so we tapped the perfect person to help you narrow the field and break down the trends worth investing in: Lauren Conrad.

Conrad happens to be busier than ever right now. Of course, you probably already know that she gave birth to her adorable son, Liam, back in July, and now her latest LC Lauren Conrad Runway collection at Kohl’s has just hit stores and the site. In case you were wondering if her post-baby style has changed at all, Conrad let us in on a secret: “I’m taking the pajama trend really literally,” she told us with a laugh. “I’m not really going into the office right now, so I’m wearing a lot of kimonos. I’ve stopped wearing heels regularly … I’m just tired of having sore feet.” Can’t we all relate?
Aside from her post-baby style, we also sat down with the designer to talk about all things fall. From ankle boots to denim trends, we got the 411 on everything Conrad is loving (or wants to skip) right now.
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WHO WHAT WEAR: What’s in and out for denim this fall?

LAUREN CONRAD: I am into updated silhouettes that are still wearable—like an edge detailing or some light embellishment. Things are getting a little wacky in denim, where some of them look really cool, but it’s just not something that I want to wear day to day. My denim don’t is anything too costumey.

WWW: What are your favorite and least favorite accessories this season?

LC: I’m going to go against the crowd here. I’m not into these very tiny sunglasses everybody is wearing. They’re very ’90s, which I know is really relevant right now, but I think they look silly. I am into velvet accessories—handbags, shoes, anything you can put it on. I wouldn’t wear it with any other velvet; I’d let it be my luxe piece in the look.

WWW: What’s the fall 2017 way to wear prints?

LC: Right now, the florals are very ’70s vintagey, which are really pretty. I do like the dark florals for fall; they almost look like wallpaper to me. There are so many really beautiful ones. In the past couple years, looks have gotten really busy with a lot of print mixing. Now, the way to wear prints for fall is to let one shine. So maybe wear one print in an outfit, and then stick with simple, clean, bold colors.

WWW: Which outerwear pieces are we going to see everywhere?

LC: Definitely some sort of blazer, but it’s different every year. It’s either a textured blazer or an oversize boyfriend blazer or more shrunken and clean. I’ve done tuxedo blazers too. It’s always an updated version. I do like the one we did for this collection—it comes with a little celestial pin. It’s a little more elongated but not too oversize.

WWW: Ankle boots are always huge this time of year. What’s in and out for shoe trends? 

LC: Right now, they’re getting so fun. There’s the velvet; there’s that white little ankle boot that everybody’s wearing. I can’t personally pull that one off, but I think it looks cool on people who can. I think with ankle boots, what you do is have fun with them, whether that’s shine or kind of a cool fabric. For don’t, I would say there’s a few of them that are an awkward height where if your legs are 10 feet tall, then they look amazing on you, but I think you want to make sure that it’s still a flattering cut when it comes to booties.

WWW: What’s your favorite color for fall? 

LC: Right now, red is everywhere, and I’m excited because I don’t wear a lot of red—like that deeper, sort of burnt-orange red. I started looking at a few pieces in that color story. Our interpretation [in this collection] was actually copper, so we did that through light shine throughout some of the pieces. And then we did a skirt in there that’s a really pretty copper.

WWW: Which color are you not feeling for fall? 

LC: I’m never into purple. That’s my can’t-wear-it color; it looks awful on me. I just don’t like purple; I’ve never liked it.

WWW: Which summer trend are you retiring for fall?

LC: Eyelets were so big for summer, but they will be too tricky to wear for fall.

WWW: Tell us about the newest LC Lauren Conrad Runway collection and inspiration behind it.

LC: The inspiration was downtown glam. We wanted this collection to be a little bit cooler, and we did that through fabrication and the color stories—a lot of darker jewel tones, and then we did crushed velvet and a lot of shine, and we did some faux furs and suedes.

WWW: Which piece from the collection are you most excited to wear and work into your own wardrobe?

LC: I really like the dresses we did. We did a midi dress with the ruffle detail along the top; I like that piece just because it’s such an easy one to wear.

WWW: Has your style changed since becoming a mom?

LC: I’m taking the pajama trend really literally. I’m not really going into the office right now, so I’m wearing a lot of kimonos. But when I do leave, I actually dress up more because it feels like a special occasion for me. I’m not going to do that every week. I typically dress pretty casually, but now I’m going to the two extremes—either very casual or more dressed up. I’ve also tucked all my dry-clean-only pieces to the back of my closet.

WWW: What’s one item you wore on The Hills that you still wear today?

LC: I’m still wearing skinny jeans, just a slightly different version. Toward the end, I think I was wearing a pretty basic jegging, and I still wear that. Now, it’s a little more destructed and cropped and a lighter wash. When I was filming, I was wearing a lot of clean, dark denim, and now it’s a little thicker and destructed at the knees and throughout. I also would wear ballet flats still but a little bit different. Then, it was almost like a literal ballet flat, and now I like an almond or pointed-toe style.

WWW: What’s one trend or piece you stopped wearing once you hit your 30s?

LC: That’s a good question. I stopped wearing heels regularly. I wore heels a lot more regularly a few years ago. It’s just the realities of my job now. I run around a lot more. I’m on set a lot. I’m just tired of having sore feet. Right now, I wear a lot of sliders, but that’s going to end as soon as summer goes away. I’ve just been living in sliders this summer. It depends on what I’m doing. If I’m working and running around, I’m usually in tennis shoes. I do a Jack Purcell sneaker or a Chuck Taylor sneaker. I also have some ballet or almond-toe flats. We did a ballet flat in the collection with a little bunny-tail, faux-fur poms on the toe.

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