Lauren Conrad shared a heart-melting video of her two-year-old son Liam trying out the broccoli he grew in their vegetable garden.

‘We planted a vegetable garden on the side of our house a couple months ago,’ Lauren explained in the caption. ‘Liam has been visiting it everyday to eat snap peas off the vine and watch everything grow. Today we cut our first stalk of broccoli.’

Just as the youngster puts the vegetable to his mouth, Lauren, 34, asks, ‘What is it?’
‘Broccoli!’ the adorable youngster replies.

‘Did you grow it?’ she asks.

‘Yeah!’ he says.

The toddler was standing in the middle of his family’s flourishing vegetable garden, which was packed with leafy plants and vines wrapping around the trellis.

Source: DailyMail & Instagram