LC Lauren Conrad Collection February 2022

This year is flying by so quickly! Just yesterday I was prepping my Thanksgiving table and putting up Christmas decorations. Now? We’re already past Valentine’s Day. My latest LC Lauren Conrad collection is here, and it’s inspired by the beautiful wildflowers of California (quite literally in one case!), the upcoming spring season, and my love for florals and ruffles. I always get excited when spring rolls around; the blooming flowers will always make me happy. Keep scrolling for a peek at my new collection…


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LC Lauren Conrad Collection January 2022

There’s really no better time than January to reinvent your wardrobe. If things were starting to feel stale, embrace the chance to pick up a few new pieces and do a full closet overhaul. It’s a new year, after all… I for one plan on transitioning towards flowy dresses, fun prints, and lighter fabrics {for our ‘warmer’ winter days in California and some Valentine’s Day prep}. This month’s LC Lauren Conrad is imbued with all of my sentiments for the new year, with gorgeous prints, fluttery dresses, and fun colors. I just love the look of this collection, and I hope you do too. Take a look at my latest collection below…


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LC Lauren Conrad Collection December 2021

I’m trying to soak up every last bit of holiday cheer this year by finding the time to watch my favorite movies, decorate my home, bake my favorite desserts, and celebrate at a holiday party {or two}. My latest collection for LC Lauren Conrad is all about the loungewear and cozy pieces for all of your holiday activities. Fuzzy robes to wear as you sip hot cocoa? Check. Cozy slippers to warm your feet on those cold evenings? Check. P.S. They are great for gifting too! Want to see what my new collection has to offer?


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LC Lauren Conrad Collection November 2021

November is here, which means the holiday season is officially in full force, You will definitely find me making my favorite holiday desserts, putting up my favorite decorations, and slipping into the chicest holiday outfits. This month’s LC Lauren Conrad collection is designed to complete your holiday wardrobe. Fuzzy jackets, extra-cozy braided sweaters, the perfect wrap dresses for your holiday soirees—this collection is here to complement your holiday season activities. Ready for peek? Keep reading…


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LC Lauren Conrad Collection October 2021

It’s finally October, which means fall is in full force, and one of my favorite holidays of the year is coming up very soon. If you saw last month’s LC Lauren Conrad collection, then you’d know that once autumn rolls around, I automatically switch to my comfy-and-cozy mindset, and so does my wardrobe. My October Womenswear collection is no different, and continues my trend of cozy knitwear, matching separates, and extra adorable pajamas. You’ll also be pleased to know that my Peanuts Graphic Tees are back this season too. I love how comforting this entire collection feels, and hope you will too…


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LC Lauren Conrad Collection September 2021

Comfort, comfort, and yes, comfort. As soon as fall rolls around, my mind automatically switches into cozy mode. Think apple cider-scented candles, buttery soft knits, and nights on the couch watching Big Brother. My September Womenswear Collection for LC Lauren Conrad reflects my new state-of-mind with light, extra-cozy sweaters, matching loungewear sets, and oh-so-soft joggers. This collection is all about celebrating those nights in, when the top item of your to-do list is simply being at home. Keep scrolling for a peek at my new pieces…

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LC Lauren Conrad Collection August 2021

If it were up to me, I’d say florals are certainly not just a springtime must-have, but a print you can wear year-round. I’ve been dreaming up lots of pretty pastel florals and metallic prints, which evolved into the gorgeous dresses in my August collection for LC Lauren Conrad. I’m also all about adding feminine touches to my clothes, so this collection has lots of fluttery cap-sleeves, ruffled-edges, and wispy, light fabrics. For a look at my latest collection, keep reading…


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