Welcome Back To Lauren Conrad Online

Hi guys! We are back! After a few days offline, the site and gallery are back!!
Also with a fresh new layout! (which was already planned).

Unfortunately I had to switch hosts, again! And because of that I have lost a lot of data from the main site and the gallery too. In the gallery some recent added photos are gone. This is because I only had a back up from January..from 9 months ago.. and in that 9 months I have updated the site a lot!

So that is why you see a lot of broken links on the website. I am going to add those pics again to the gallery starting from now. I am very sad about the loss, but also happy I didn’t lose everything! So the damage is small 🙂

So welcome back and let me know what you think of our new fall layout xx

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Happy Birthday Lauren! Wishing you a lovely day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy!

Happy New Year

We wish you all a happy 2019 and may it be filled with love, joy, good luck and happiness.

Brand New Layout

Hi everyone! We are back with a brand new layout! I know our previous layout wasn’t up that long, but I was ready for a new layout. Its still spring so this is still a Spring Version layout! Its made by Lilianne, who also made our new gallery theme. I absolutely adore this look and always thought she made such beautiful themes, so thank you Lilianne <3.

There are lots of gallery updates coming your way too! Melanie from http://brooklyn99.org was so kind to send us lots of Lauren photos she had from her site Admiring Lauren Conrad. We are sad to see that site go, but very thankful that she wanted to share her photos with us.

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Happy Birthday Lauren! I hope you’ll have an amazing day with your family <3 xo Lauren Conrad Online

Lauren Conrad Online

Hello and welcome to Lauren Conrad Online! Your newest source for everything about Lauren Conrad.

I wanted to start this fansite again because I’ve been following Lauren ever since she was on The Hills and I used to have a fansite dedicated to her. I just couldn’t resist not updating about her anymore! So I decided to start all over again.

I will be updating the gallery with new (and of course old) photos of Lauren and will keep you informed about what she’s up to these days.

Don’t forget to give us a follow on Twitter. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back!