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Happy October, everyone! Although it may still be warm in Southern California, I’m excited for all things autumn. I’ve already decorated my front porch and can’t wait to dress up my little guy for Halloween. Right now all I’m all about fall fashion. In this month’s LC Lauren Conrad collection it was all in the details, from a well-placed ruffle to a pretty lace trim. I wanted to keep things simple and chic, but with a twist—after all, fall is the perfect time to take some fashion risks. Luckily, these pieces are also versatile enough that you can wear them well into next season (which is great because I plan on using any excuse to wear this floral dress). Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite pieces and stay tuned for even more looks coming this month to your local Kohl’s

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Photoshoots > 2018 > LC Lauren Conrad October Collection 2018

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Hi guys! I have updated the gallery with Public Appearances photos of Lauren from 2007. Enjoy!

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Public Appearances > 2007 > Launch Party Second Season of the MTV Series The Hills – January 11, 2007
Public Appearances > 2007 > Kari Feinsteins Style Lounge Presented by Budweiser Select – January 11, 2007
Public Appearances > 2007 > Silver Spoon Golden Globes Suite – January 11, 2007
Public Appearances > 2007 > Hollywood Prom – January 25, 2007
Public Appearances > 2007 > Birthday Celebration Hosted by Mark Cosmetics – February 1, 2007
Public Appearances > 2007 > Luca Luca Fashion Week – February 5, 2007

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The e-commerce business she launched with friend Hannah Skvarla now has a physical space in Palisades Village.

With Palisades Village — a new outdoor retail development that opened this past weekend in the Pacific Palisades — developer Caruso gave some of the most well-known figures in Los Angeles fashion opportunities to open their first brick-and-mortar stores. Among the familiar names I saw as I walked through the space a day before it opened were Jennifer Meyer and Rachel Zoe, but I was there to see another former reality TV star-turned-entrepreneur: Lauren Conrad, and her friend Hannah Skvarla, with whom she co-founded The Little Market.

One of Conrad’s many post- “The Hills” business ventures, The Little Market is a nonprofit that sells handmade, fair-trade items (mostly gift-y things and home goods) ethically sourced from artisans from all over the world. The co-founders don’t take a salary from its sales and instead invest everything back into the business and their artisans.

Given the business model, Conrad says she was a little hesitant to get into the brick-and-mortar retail game. “From day one Hannah wanted a storefront; I have experience in retail, so I was just a ‘bah, humbug’ about it,” she says. “We’ve been around for five years and we’ve slowly grown and when you’re a nonprofit you just have to make responsible choices.”

As much as brick-and-mortar retail might be struggling right now, The Little Market is likely safe in the hands of Rick Caruso, the billionaire behind some of the most profitable shopping developments in the country like The Grove, The Americana in Glendale and The Commons at Calabasas. Palisades Village is intended to serve inhabitants of the well-to-do Santa Monica- and Malibu-adjacent enclave. The literal hordes of wealthy, just-let-out-of-school teenagers I saw while getting coffee after my interview will probably be able to keep the place afloat on their own.

“It was something that we always wanted to do because with handmade items it’s so different to see them in photos,” explains Skvarla of why she wanted to open a store. “We’re really excited for customers to be able to walk in, see everything and appreciate the variations. Every single glass is hand-blown, hand-etched, each size is different, each flower pattern’s different. These items aren’t made with molds or stencils.”

When I entered the small space, I was struck by how cohesively everything was merchandised: On one side, most products were pink-hued, while on the other, items were primarily blue. In the middle was a beautifully set dining table (with items available to purchase) and a table of perfectly-arranged gift boxes. I was not surprised that merchandising was Conrad’s responsibility (she “planned out every single shelf” according to Skvarla) since it essentially looked like her impossibly perfect Instagram feed come to life; but I didn’t understand how handmade items from artisans all over the world could look so uniform and subdued in color.

Therein lies the magic of The Little Market; to some extent, the co-founders dictate the aesthetic of the pieces being made for them. “Our experience as far as product is different with every group; with some of them we’re like, ‘Everything in here is stunning; we’ll take everything,’ and some of them we’ll say, ‘The technique you’re using, the textile you’re creating is so beautiful, what is the most salable way to produce them?’ And we work and collaborate with them,” explains Conrad.

Skvarla gives the example of having artisans produce a series of dishes and baskets in blush and white (a color combo used for a number of items, all merchandised together at the front of the store). “We try to maintain their culture and their traditions and still have those deigns reflected, but figure out how to make it something a customer in the U.S. is more likely to buy,” she says. For today’s aesthetically-minded, Instagram-conscious consumer, that’s probably a smart move, even if it might result in something that looks slightly watered down or — I’ll say it — basic.

Conrad and Skvarla seem to have their business figured out pretty well. The friends say their roles are clearly defined and don’t overlap. “I think it’s really important to establish expectations at the very beginning, so expectations as far as roles and time and all of that,” says Skvarla of figuring out how to work with a friend. “It’s also really important who has a complimentary skillset and, of course, mutual respect.”

“We have such an amazing team; it’s never felt like real work and it’s so much fun,” adds Conrad. Skvarla says the two of them will be in the store “a lot” now that it’s open and do plan to open more stores; they’ve already been approached by two other properties.

Source: Fashionista.com & E!Online

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Lauren Conrad attended Caruso’s Palisades Village Opening Gala at Palisades Village on September 20, 2018.

Lauren donned a scintillating red dress as she attended the exclusive Pacific Palisades event.

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Public Appearances > 2018 > At Caruso’s Palisades Village Opening Gala – September 20, 2018

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Lauren Conrad is all smiles on the October 2018 cover of Redbook Magazine. Photographed by Justin Coit, the designer wears a lace adorned dress and jeans. For the accompanying spread, Lauren channels her signature California style in casual chic looks. Posing at the beach, the blonde wears designs from the likes of LC Lauren Conrad, Kate Spade and Zara.

In her interview, Lauren talks about the pressure to keep up with the Joneses.
“I like to focus on the prettier parts of life, but that doesn’t necessarily represent all of it. I feel bad. There’s such a high standard now to do everything and have it all look picture perfect. You’re not going to enjoy the pretty things if you’ve been up all night doing them. Your life isn’t supposed to be Pinterest.”

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Take a look at the photoshoot below!

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Photoshoots > 2018 > Redbook Magazine October 2018

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Lauren Conrad has collacorated with HelloFresh to bring you some of the most delicious meals.
This collaboration between Lauren Conrad and the chef’s at HelloFresh is bringing you deliciously simple recipes to dress the table. Find her three recipes on the menu this September, November, and January.

The meals will arrive the following week. Don’t wait to order, though, because the quickest customers will get a special gift. Per HelloFresh, the first 1,500 people to purchase a recipe from The Capsule Menu will receive a complimentary Little Market tote bag while supplies last. The adorable bag says “Totes My Style” on the front, and “HelloFresh” on the back.

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Photoshoots > 2018 > Hello Fresh Collaboration

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Lauren Conrad is the first to admit her life is a “bit of a mess.”

“It’s really funny to me when people have this idea that I have things very put together. My life is a bit of a mess, and I don’t broadcast that, but I like it that way,” she reveals in an interview with Redbook.

Over the years, the former The Hills star has learned to prioritize the important things, like her family, and to delegate tasks that don’t require her immediate attention. “I wanted to handle everything myself—I felt that nobody would care about my business as much as I would,” she explains. “But when you take on too much, it’s hard to do everything well. It got to the point where it was too much for me to handle. I had to learn to delegate. If you can focus on the areas where you know you can’t be replaced and bring in help in the areas you can, that’s where you find success.”

Lauren only learned this lesson after years of believing she had to do it all on her own, in addition to thinking her life, family and business had to “look picture-perfect.” She’s realized the truth is much simpler, especially since the birth of her one-year-old son, Liam. “I like to focus on the prettier parts of life, but that doesn’t necessarily represent all of it,” she shares.

Conrad admits she does “feel bad” about the “high standard” that has been set for anything and everything, which she might have contributed to with her seemingly-perfect life, but it took a lot of learning to get where she is today.

One piece of wisdom she acquired is: “You’re not going to enjoy the pretty things if you’ve been up all night doing them. Your life isn’t supposed to be Pinterest.”

While she may say she doesn’t have it all together, Lauren is still doing an amazing job considering she is a designer, best-selling author and philanthropist, not to mention she is a mother to an infant. Hence the reason why she turned down the opportunity to return to The Hills.

When the reboot was announced, a source told E! News, “Lauren is concentrating right now on her Kohl’s line and her charity work, which she is very passionate about… She is the head designer of her Kohl’s line and has worked with them for 10 years, causing her to fly cross-country several times a month for her work.”

Source: E!Online