Lauren Conrad At Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad Runway Launch Party

Lauren Conrad attended her Kohl’s third runway collection Girls’ Night Out party at Beauty & Essex on September 6, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

Lauren was looking absolutely stunning just two months after giving birth to her little baby boy Liam.


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Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Rules to Live By

Lauren Conrad has joined the team as a guest editor for Fashion Week at E!. Along with unveiling her third Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection on September 6, the style expert will be breaking down her favorite fall trends and accessory must-haves all throughout fashion’s favorite week. Today, the lifestyle mogul recalls her first time at fashion week (hint: there’s a special appearance by a The Hills co-star), what’s new about her latest line and, of course, her NYFW essentials.  

I think my first time going to fashion week was filming the pilot of The Hills. I was there for like five minutes. I walked into a show and walked out—so I don’t think that really counts. My first time attending a show for New York Fashion Week was about 10 years ago, and I went for the week with Audrina [Patridge]. We were actually doing a story for Us Weekly, like my fashion week diary. It’s funny—the writer of that article actually became my friend and is still one of my very good friends. I wrote my last book with her. That was the fashion week that I made one of my really good friends.

That was something quite honestly I never expected to do. It was kind of surreal. To be able to show during New York Fashion Week, with so many designers that I respect so much, I was pinching myself the whole week. I think no matter how many times you’ve done it, you’re nervous.

For the LC Lauren Conrad Runway event happening September 6, I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses from the collection. It’s a midi dress with a really pretty print. It has sort of a ruffle detail around the top. I’m going to layer on top of it with one of our faux furs that we did, which is so much fun.

I wanted to do [plus-size] for awhile. When you have a brand like mine, it grows slowly. And you’re given categories one at a time, so I was thrilled to include plus with Runway because it felt like a celebratory way to launch the category. I didn’t want the plus-size pieces to be any different than the regular collection. I just wanted to extend the size run. That was one thing that I felt like, when I was doing my research, that I was having difficulty finding: all the trends you’re seeing on the runway—I just felt like I was having a hard time finding them in the plus category, so I wanted to make sure this line was no different from the existing one.

For New York Fashion Week, this time of year, caffeine is number one. You just never stop moving throughout the week. I just drink black coffee—I can’t mess around. That or green tea. I just try to stay awake. Bouncing from show to show, I try to keep translucent powder. I always feel like I show up after getting my hair and makeup done and I’m like, “I wish I brought powder with me.” Laura Mercier does a nice one—it’s so good. And an iPhone charger in my bag, because my phone is constantly dying. You’re snapping a million photos and constantly texting and using your maps to find each show.

I always really love Kate Spade showings—it’s just so fun. For me, that’s what fashion week is about. They always do such a good job. I’m excited to see Self Portrait and Brock Collection. Ulla Johnson is a new favorite. I think those are the ones that resonate with me the most. Those the lines I’m most likely to shop myself.

Source: E! Online

Lauren Conrad Introduces Plus-Size Clothing To Kohl’s Line

In a win for women everywhere, Lauren Conrad is adding plus-sizes to her fashion line LC Lauren Conrad, sold exclusively at Kohl’s.

The sizes will now go up to a 3X, which means more options for women who want fashion that’s both affordable and offered in more than just straight sizes. Go LC!

This latest addition to LC Lauren Conrad, which launched in 2009, springs from the former reality star’s personal experiences. When she struggled to find maternity clothing she liked while pregnant with her newborn son, Liam, she started designing her own. Now, she’s adding plus-size clothing to make her line more inclusive.

“When I introduced maternity, I felt there was a void in the market,” she told Women’s Wear Daily in a recent interview. “Whenever I come across something that’s missing, I try to design it.”

“The Hills” star partnered with plus-size fashion and beauty vlogger Loey Lane to advertise the newly expanded range of sizes, which appears in Kohl’s stores on Sept. 6.

“Plus is a category I wanted to get in to for a really long time,” Conrad told WWD. “As a fun way to launch plus sizes, we partnered with a blogger, Loey Lane, who did a photo shoot for the runway collection to help us get the word out.”

You can expect to see a lot of fun fabrics and textures in this season’s LC Lauren Conrad lineup. “From warm jewel tones, crushed velvet, and soft and shimmery satin, your fall wardrobes are about to get a chic makeover,” Conrad wrote on her website.


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